QKKDRAW, Inc. (William Bardsley)

Walnut Creek, CA  1991-2001


Ivan S. Chow, design consultant & concept artist


These are a sampling of projects worked on with Bill since about 1988. Some were collaborations while most was "lending a hand" to Bill in his concept design work for casino resort projects worldwide. My good fortune!



Ashmont Retirement Community, Hendersonville, NC.


This was a proposal Bill and I put together for a retirement community planned in North Carolina for a middle-eastern developer. We traveled there, scoured the beautiful site, met with city officials, slapped together what I still think is a fabulous project, but were "skunked" by a rather slippery client who essentially got our services for free. One could be bitter or one could move on. Bill and I always move on...


Hendersonville_site plan.jpg (140410 bytes)  Land plan



Hendersonville_description.jpg (127913 bytes)  Hendersonville_description2.jpg (74744 bytes)  Hendersonville_description3.jpg (53064 bytes)  

Concept description and space program



Hendersonville_atrium sketch.jpg (146645 bytes) View of main house atrium lobby



Hendersonville_chalet plan.jpg (89688 bytes)  Hendersonville_main house section.jpg (97237 bytes)  Hendersonville_chalet plan.jpg (89688 bytes)  Unit plans



Hendersonville_typ chalet interior.jpg (120261 bytes)  Hendersonville_typ unit sketch.jpg (151631 bytes) Unit interiors



Hendersonville_retail entry sketch.jpg (134833 bytes)  Hendersonville_lake sketch.jpg (144855 bytes)  Hendersonville_mainhouse sketch.jpg (142674 bytes)  Exterior views





Sample design sketches for resort casino projects 


Casino interior_coliseum theme.jpg (162460 bytes)  Casino interior_classical theme.jpg (183933 bytes)  Casino interior_restaurant1.jpg (133848 bytes)  Casino interior_slots.jpg (135958 bytes)  


Casino interior_street theme.jpg (120034 bytes)  Casino interior_tables.jpg (129109 bytes)



Flower Casino sketch.jpg (180994 bytes)  SanMarco Casino_sketch.jpg (138657 bytes)  TahitiCasino_sketch.jpg (167447 bytes)  

These were some I rendered up for fun





A fun little exercise on a private residence in Las Vegas


Steelman's House_elev study1.jpg (105536 bytes)  Steelman's House_elev study1_side.jpg (101409 bytes)  Steelman's House_elev study2_front.jpg (75637 bytes)  Steelman's House_elev study3.jpg (92908 bytes)



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