Lynn Masterplan
MW Lee Centre



Oasis Consulting Inc.

Lynn MA, 1999-present



Goldblock Redevelopment Project

Lynn, Massachusetts





Design collage concept for Oasis Theatre, 2007





Design concept for Munroe Street Condos, 2006








Design concept for Sherry Block Condominiums, 2001




Sherry Block Condos, completed 2003




Tolman Building, rear plaza and front facade, 1999-2002




Tolman Building office and condos, 199-2004



Goldblock_exstg cond 1998.jpg (126217 bytes) Munroe1.jpg (30830 bytes)  

Existing conditions, 1998


Goldblock_orig site plan.jpg (113340 bytes) 

Original site plan, 1999


Rear parking area prior to construction



Sherry_munroe sketch.JPG (105829 bytes)  Sherry_1st floor plan.JPG (64324 bytes)  Sherry_2nd floor plan.JPG (52773 bytes)  Sherry_3rd floor plan.JPG (54547 bytes)  


Sherry_munroe elevation.JPG (66678 bytes)  Sherry_interior sketch.JPG (90316 bytes)

Initial proposed renovation to the Sherry Building along Munroe Street, 1999



Proposed expanded and phased development project, 2000


Aerial view from Oxford Street side without 50,000sf new building


Aerial view from Oxford Street side with new 50,000sf building


Aerial view from Munroe Street side with new 50,000sf building





Poet's Corner Residential Subdivision

Amherst, Massachusetts







Dickinson1.jpg (24857 bytes)  Dickinson2.jpg (95386 bytes)  DickinsonElev.jpg (110240 bytes)

The Dickinson



Frost1.jpg (107401 bytes)  Frost2.jpg (94481 bytes)  CapeElevLarge.jpg (60918 bytes)

The Frost



Walden1.jpg (107199 bytes)  Walden2.jpg (100486 bytes)  WaldenElev.jpg (108953 bytes)

The Walden






PCD projectsign.JPG (100679 bytes)  DickElev-Part.jpg (54889 bytes)  

Entry sign



PCDlot11.1.jpg (52853 bytes)  PCDlot11.4.jpg (62283 bytes)  PCDlot11.5.jpg (58245 bytes)  PCDlot11.2.jpg (47037 bytes)  


PC_Lot7_box2.jpg (108154 bytes) PC_Lot7_box1.jpg (124309 bytes) 


PCDlot11.3.jpg (61743 bytes)  PCDlot1.2.jpg (49805 bytes)  PCDlot1.1.jpg (56777 bytes)  PoetsCorner4.01-1.JPG (83634 bytes)

First modular home construction July-August 2000



Completed homes, 2001


PC_Lot10.jpg (69236 bytes) PC_Lot5_4.2.02.jpg (88023 bytes) PC_Lot5_4.29.02.jpg (85199 bytes) PC_Lot5_4.29.02b.jpg (132350 bytes) 








Other projects designed by Ivan Chow:



MWLeeCtr_color_aerial view.jpg (96825 bytes)

Missionary Resource Centre and Luxury Apartments

Hong Kong, SAR





Skytower_groundlevel sketch.jpg (105203 bytes)

City of Lynn Masterplan Concept

Lynn, Massachusetts




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