Missionary Ministry Resource Centre


Hong Kong, SAR



Conceptual design proposal for a $65 million development project in Hong Kong combining high-end for-sale residential units with a non-profit resource center for retired missionaries and pastors.




































Project Description and Outline


This project was conceived as a result of two forces: the desire of a prominent family to memorialize its patriarch's legacy and the family’s motivation to maximize the economic potential of this property.  While on one hand, it is important to establish a comprehensive, cutting-edge ministry resource centre for contemporary, global Christian ministry work, particularly for retired missionaries and pastors, it is also important to secure a reasonable financial return on any investment made in this project.



The proposed project consists of three components:


  • An institutional component (Ministry Centre) occupying the first three podium levels of the building.

  • A residential component occupying the high-rise tower rising from the podium.

  • A service component


The institutional component, or Ministry Resource Centre, consists of the following functions:


A.    Primary resource functions:

  • Literary & media library

  • Reading lounge

  • Media-A/V theatre

  • Business office & conference center

B.    Secondary resource functions:

  • Cafeteria and dining hall

  • Health & fitness center

  • Swimming pool and spa

C.    Support service functions:

  • Grocery & convenience store

  • Access to gourmet deli

  • Housekeeping

  • Medical offices

  • Mail services




The residential component comprises 138 luxury for-sale condominiums ranging from a 715 square foot 1-bedroom to a 1,050 square foot 2-bedroom. All units have living room, dining area, full kitchen and an outdoor patio. 


The service component for the project includes 2 levels of underground parking, on-grade valet parking, porte cochere (covered vehicular entrance), circulation cores, restrooms, kitchen and storage areas, and equipment rooms.



MWLeeCtr_color_siteplan.jpg (88854 bytes) Conceptual site plan


Design Theme and Concept



The overall design seeks to maximize the design envelope of the building on the corner site, reaching to the boundaries at the lower podium levels, and rising a total of 27 stories above grade.  The relationship with the adjacent high-rise apartment tower is a critical consideration, and the building seeks to complement rather than compete with it. 


To that end, the wall facing the adjacent brick tower is designed with minimal impact to its occupants being mostly without windows and predominately bearing circulation components. The proposed residential tower turns itself away from its neighbor towards the rear, allowing optimal views from both towers.


The residential tower roughly takes the shape of a parallelogram with circulation cores protruding from two faces. One point of the parallelogram holds the building edge at the street corner and forms the basis of the design theme. It is envisioned that the Ministry Resource Centre and it’s related residential component be a “cutting edge” force not only in Christian mission work, but in the lives of retired missionaries and pastors. While the Resource Centre will provide patrons state-of-the-art computer, audio-visual and research technology along with a mini-convention centre, residents of the building will enjoy all the advances of the health and fitness industry, gourmet food service, high-speed Internet access, and a full business centre.


















The cutting edge theme is most clearly represented by the sharp curtain wall corner formed by the acute angle of the building at the main entrance. This acute edge flows upwards through the library and first few residential units at the corner.  It then disappears into the building and reappears at the uppermost floors as the base spike of a gleaming “crystal” feature forming the apex of the tower. It is intended that the glass-edge component will be designed of material, which will appear visibly translucent during the day and be brightly illuminated at night.


The remainder of the building will be much quieter and elegant as a “backdrop” to “The Edge”. The building skin will be planer, or flat, with relief only where the outdoor patios punctuate the surface. At ground level, the elegant skin design of the tower and podium is contrasted by a more vibrant style of architecture comprising lush landscape and water features, outdoor eating patios, storefront-style marquees, designer lighting, co-mingled with the bustling activity of people and vehicles.



Floor Plans


MWLeeCtr_color_level G-F.jpg (72623 bytes)  MWLeeCtr_color_level 1-F.jpg (67526 bytes)  MWLeeCtr_color_level 2-F.jpg (84126 bytes)  MWLeeCtr_color_level residential.jpg (62008 bytes)










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