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Loving & Campos Architects, Inc.

Walnut Creek, CA


Ivan S. Chow, Project Architect, 1986-88, 1999



I worked at Loving & Campos Architects (formerly Jerry Loving Architect & Associates), Walnut Creek, CA twice over a period of about 10 years. The first period was between 1986 and 1988 during which I worked on the design team on a variety of projects.


DPW bldg sketch.jpg (130082 bytes)  DPW bldg front view.jpg (105521 bytes)  DPW bldg side view.jpg (126269 bytes)  DPW bldg overhang view.jpg (83737 bytes) 

Department of Public Works expansion, Contra Costa County, CA, circa 1985


HartzAveOfc_details.jpg (103397 bytes)

Hartz Avenue office building, Danville CA, 1985


StoneCastle_site plan.jpg (30452 bytes)  StoneCastle_elev.jpg (32310 bytes)

Stone Castle Retirement Community, Alamo, CA, 1986


PittsburgMultifamily_elev.jpg (95599 bytes)  PittsburgMultifamily_photo.jpg (159072 bytes)

Single-family housing development project, Pittsburg, CA, 1986


DanvilleLawOfc_sketch.jpg (202778 bytes)

Law office building, Danville, CA, 1986


CA multifamily_photos.jpg (85737 bytes)

Single-family housing development project, Contra Costa County, California, 1986



The second period I nickname the "Year of The Carlyle"....




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