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Ivan S. Chow Architect

Pleasant Hill CA (1992-1996), Amherst MA (2003-present)


Ivan S. Chow, AIA, NCARB



Mission Statement (circa 1992)


Ivan S. Chow Architect, believes that successful projects result from good communication of ideas through graphic, written and verbal forms. We believe that small businesses, attention to detail and personal relationships have an impact on the world; that low overhead, fair prices and right motives are a normal part of doing business; and that social responsibility, affordability and environmental and cultural sensitivity are the architectural themes for this generation. We are committed to the practice of sound professional ethics and to the use of our professional abilities in the service of the community and its environment."
















The following is a list of projects types which the principal has had work experience:

  • Multi-family residential development

  • Single-family residential design

  • Commercial tenant improvement

  • County government facilities planning

  • Retirement community design

  • Institutional building design

  • Restaurant design

  • Non-profit consulting for Christian mission work

  • Competition entries

  • Business and professional graphic design

  • Feasibility studies and analyses

  • Program design and space planning

  • Expert witness work

  • Sketch design and rendering


Sample Projects


Madden_as-is.jpg (87499 bytes)  Madden_aerial.jpg (140313 bytes)  Madden_rearview.jpg (113031 bytes)

Before               After

Madden Residence - Phase I (1992), II (1996) and III (2001)



rubanyi_exstg.jpg (75441 bytes)  rubanyi_new.jpg (90094 bytes)  rubanyi_distantview.jpg (64435 bytes)

Before                  After


rubanyi_new2.jpg (92298 bytes)  rubanyi_viewup.jpg (227792 bytes)  rubanyi_interior2.jpg (51439 bytes) 

Rubanyi Residence

Alamo, CA, 1993



Baskerville_exstg.jpg (87725 bytes)  Baskerville_dist view.jpg (95468 bytes)  Baskerville_ext view.jpg (72531 bytes)

Before                  After

Baskerville Residence

Belmont, CA, 1992



Altarinda siteplan.jpg (52740 bytes)  altarinda_sections.jpg (155056 bytes)  altarinda_dwy sect.jpg (98834 bytes)  

Altarinda Land Subdivision

Orinda, CA, 1994



Phoenician_aerial view.jpg (273821 bytes)  Phoenician_view from hotel.jpg (205471 bytes)

The Phoenician Resort Design Proposal, Virgin Islands, 1994



Antioch_orig pooldeck sketch.jpg (114849 bytes)

Waterfront Development Project

Antioch, CA, 1992-98



DeltaLaw_cover sketch.JPG (96227 bytes)

Delta Law Office Project

Antioch, CA



SanMarco Casino_sketch.jpg (138657 bytes)

San Marco Casino Sketch



EastWest_elev_portion2.jpg (72026 bytes)

East West Mall Concept Design

Cambridge, MA, 1995



hanoi_side elev.jpg (292801 bytes)

University Office Building

Hanoi, Vietnam, 1990


Ivan S. Chow Architect was commissioned by a California development organization to join a credentialed team hosted by the Government of Hanoi to design and construct a new office building on the University of Hanoi campus as part of an U.S. educational program. In addition, the team was to look at remodeling an existing dormitory to house the U.S. staff who were a part of the installation.


hanoi_view of site.jpg (75107 bytes)  hanoi_exstgplan.jpg (35154 bytes)  hanoi_remodelplan.jpg (55900 bytes)

Existing dorm      Plan for remodel



Site plan                                                  Floor plans


hanoi_section.jpg (60676 bytes)  hanoi_elevations.jpg (49970 bytes)  hanoi_front elev.jpg (175615 bytes) 

Note: Due to Vietnamese economic and political instability, it is unknown at this time whether the building was ever constructed.




trellis_1.jpg (56689 bytes)  trellis_2.jpg (65766 bytes)

Trellis design project, Alamo, CA, 1994





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