Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Year enrolled: 1981

Degree: Master of Architecture

Graduation: 1983


After taking a year off from school to work at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill in San Francisco, I received advanced standing in the Masters program at the GSD, and completed the 3-1/2 year program in two years. I was privileged to have Gerhard Kallman as my advisor, although my design emphasis - which was distinctly Wrightian at the time - appeared tangential to the strong historical-precedence obligations of many of the faculty. My final design project of a replacement to Memorial Church in Harvard Yard was aptly nicknamed "E.T." To my chagrin, the Frank Lloyd Wright "movement" at the GSD began three years after I graduated.




gsd_perfartsctr_persp.jpg (156886 bytes)  gsd_perfartsctr_model.jpg (124675 bytes)


Project 1 - A performing arts center next to Memorial Church. Turned out to be a veritable disaster! My professor stood staring silence at the drawings during the final crit. After a good minute, he shook his head, then he sat down in stupified silence...




gsd_corbuvilla_plans.jpg (120038 bytes)  gsd_corbuvilla_sect&elev.jpg (99768 bytes)


Project 2 - Design an addition to Le Corbusier's Villa Meyer...vague memories of being fascinated by the forms!




gsd_harvardsqofc_model.jpg (91880 bytes)  harvardsq_flr1.jpg (136759 bytes)  harvardsq_flr2.jpg (132201 bytes)  harvardsq_flr3.jpg (119455 bytes)


harvardsq_sect-elev.jpg (136576 bytes)  harvardsq_axon.jpg (137287 bytes)


Project 3 - a design for an office building in Harvard Square. Years later, I observed a very similar design constructed on the self-same site. Greta minds must think alike.




gsd_backbayapts_flrplans.jpg (139826 bytes)  gsd_backbayapts_plan&elev.jpg (134293 bytes)  gsd_backbayapts_sections.jpg (127666 bytes)  


gsd_backbayapts_model1.jpg (80363 bytes)  gsd_backbayapts_model2.jpg (84132 bytes)


Project 4 - Back Bay Apartment Building. A utilitarian solution to an evolving neighborhood. The views would have been fab!




gsd_hospice_siteplan.jpg (185390 bytes)  gsd_hospice_flrplan1.jpg (276375 bytes)  gsd_hospice_flrplan2.jpg (184247 bytes)  gsd_hospice_flrplan3&4.jpg (180679 bytes)


gsd_hospice_model2.jpg (66080 bytes)  gsd_hospice_model2.jpg (66080 bytes)  gsd_hospice_elevs.jpg (212547 bytes)  gsd_hospice_elevs2.jpg (173043 bytes)


Project 5 - Prof. Lo-Yi Chan. 

A hospice designed on the property in front of the JFK SChool of Government (strange site). In spite of all the deaings and readings about death and dying, I like how this design resolved.




gsd_memorialgym_siteplan.jpg (268834 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_plan&sect.jpg (192852 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_elevs.jpg (202669 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_lrgsect.jpg (293928 bytes)


gsd_memorialgym_bridge.jpg (170390 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_model_aerial.jpg (39077 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_model_aerial2.jpg (49948 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_model_ext.jpg (64850 bytes)


gsd_memorialgym_model_int.jpg (58447 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_model_wall1.jpg (59518 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_model_wall2.jpg (52547 bytes)  gsd_memorialgym_model_wall3.jpg (54908 bytes)


Project 6 - Prof. ??

Maimonides Memorial Gymnasium (arbitrary location) commemorating holocaust victims. This project had a lot of depth.





gsd_ET_conceptsht.jpg (304821 bytes)  gsd_ET_site&sketch.jpg (296254 bytes)  gsd_ET_plan&sect.jpg (242499 bytes)  


gsd_ET_tower.jpg (176896 bytes)  gsd_ET_sanctuary.jpg (250983 bytes)  gsd_ET_bigelev.jpg (240134 bytes)


gsd_ET_model3(aerial).jpg (71908 bytes)  gsd_ET_model1.jpg (68401 bytes)  gsd_ET_model2.jpg (77075 bytes)  gsd_ET_model4.jpg (99804 bytes)


Project 7 - Prof. Gerhard Kallman

Nicknamed "E.T.", this design was out of place in a different time. Everyone else seemed to be designing historical precedence projects, and here was this Wrightian alien!





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