First Baptist Church of Amherst

Addition to Lower Level

While I have designed numerous projects in the state, this was my first project as a registered architect in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, adding approximately 2,300 sq. ft. to an existing Type 2C building. Although small in scope, the addition required compliance with most requirements of new construction, and required a steel moment frame structure, compliance with the new Chapter 13 energy conservation and Chapter 9 fire-protection regulations. The addition housed the new Youth Room and flex space for the growing ministries of First Baptist.

Architectural services were provided pro bono.


BEFORE: Rear view of existing church building                                             AFTER




Rendered view of proposed addition                                                                                      AFTER


Rendered Plan of Addition


Rendered Elevations



Construction Drawings

[Click on thumbnail for larger picture]


FBCdwgs_A0_cover.JPG (117657 bytes) A-0 Cover Sheet


FBCdwgs_A1_siteplan.JPG (64558 bytes) A-1 Site Plan


FBCdwgs_A2_floorplan.JPG (89071 bytes) A-2 Floor Plan


FBCdwgs_A3_westelev.JPG (46284 bytes) A-4 West Elevation

FBCdwgs_A4_southelev.JPG (58077 bytes) A-3 South Elevation

FBCdwgs_A5_roofplan.JPG (46288 bytes) A-5 Roof Plan

FBCdwgs_A6_bldgsect.JPG (70007 bytes) A-6 Building Section

FBCdwgs_A7_elec&light.JPG (68062 bytes) A-7 Electrical & Lighting Plan

FBCdwgs_A8_roofdetails.JPG (74311 bytes) A-8 Roof Details

FBCdwgs_S1_structspec.JPG (106708 bytes) S-1 Structural Notes

FBCdwgs_S2_structplan.JPG (92492 bytes) S-2 Structural Foundation & Framing Plans

FBCdwgs_S3_structdetails.JPG (84775 bytes) S-3 Structural Details


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