Bridgeport Village

The Embarcadero, Oakland, CA, 1997





Developer: Lincoln Properties

Designer: Bedrock Themes, Inc., Ivan S. Chow, AIA, Principal Architect


This design was the winning entry for a multifamily residential development competition along the waterfront of the Oakland Estuary. After the award the design went through a major revision resulting in a "preferred" scheme. Upon the completion of design development by Bedrock Themes, the construction documents contract was awarded to another architect.


BridgeportVill_site plan (orig).jpg (129142 bytes) Site Plan (original) 


BridgeportVill_site plan (pref).jpg (120714 bytes) Site Plan (preferred)


BridgeportVill_environ factors.jpg (102996 bytes) Environmental Factors


BridgeportVill_channel axis.jpg (82524 bytes) Channel Axis Diagram


BridgeportVill_public access.jpg (63049 bytes) Public Access Diagram


BridgeportVill_embarc elev.jpg (49617 bytes) Embarcadero Street Elevation (orig)



BridgeportVill_alice elev.jpg (37329 bytes) Alice Street Elevation (original)


BridgeportVill_alice elv (pref).jpg (51752 bytes) Alice Street Elevation (preferred)


BridgeportVill_bldg elevs.jpg (63681 bytes) Typical Building Elevations (original)


BridgeportVill_site sections.jpg (102779 bytes) Site Sections (original)


BridgeportVill_site sections (pref).jpg (81529 bytes) Site Sections (preferred)


Photo Montage


BridgeportVill_photo montage x3.jpg (87061 bytes) Photo Montage


BridgeportVill_cover sketch (orig).jpg (116920 bytes) View from train station (original)


BridgeportVill_courtyard sketch.jpg (135528 bytes)

 View of Interior Garden Court
















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