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There is a district in Boston known as Back Bay, where brownstones line the streets like ladies dressed for a party. Along Commonwealth Avenue, there is a central promenade where once upon a time horse and buggy used to parade up and down. Each building facade presented itself as a "face" to the public, and revealed much about the status and personalities of the families who lived behind them.  Hundreds of years later in much the same fashion, websites parade themselves along the electronic promenade of the world wide web: each a face to the e-public, each a mask both revealing and concealing the personalities and lives of their creators.  Welcome to my mask - my "face" to the electronic public - a fashioned sliver of my world and a chosen slice of my past.  



























The work represented on these pages is organized somewhat chronologically from about 1980 to the present, although real life seldom plays out in linear fashion. Some projects and activities have been documented more thoroughly than others, so certain exhibits may only be accompanied by anecdotal descriptions. Others will be better described according to their level of significance.  At best this collection of work will be part of a legacy to my progeny. At worst as a testimony to unrealized potential. To some degree, the array of work reflects a personal quest to explore varying aspects of the design and building industry, hence the excursions from employee to employer, concept design to nuts-and-bolts, design support to design initiative, consultant to client. 




From time to time references are made to various individuals who have had a significant impact on my career, thought and life. To these men and women I offer my apologies for any undue stress inflicted, and my gratitude for the benefits I carry to this day. While a rolling stone certainly gathers no moss, I've never been partial to being covered in moss. Perhaps in my case, "a rolling stone becomes well rounded." I've always been partial to an "all-trades" approach to life. That being said, I am honored by your visit.



Ivan S. Chow AIA, NCARB









Important Note: This is a personal website intended for the sole purpose of sharing information and work related to the professional career and creative interests of of Ivan S. Chow. While every effort is made to accurately describe the portions of work specifically attributed to Mr. Chow, any omission of appropriate credit is unintended and subject to correction. Conversely, all drawings and designs in this website are not to be used for any purpose in any form without the written permission of Ivan S. Chow. All drawings & models were substantially designed, drawn or built by Ivan Chow, sometimes as part of a design team.



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